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September 1, 2017
Dear 3rd Grader,
The first day of third grade is just around the corner.  I am so excited to welcome you to third grade on the first day of school! I can’t wait to meet you and hear all about your summer adventures!  My summer was special because I took a trip to Disney World! I went on so many different rides, and even met some of the Disney characters!
Have you read any great books this summer? I have, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.  Friends can give us wonderful book recommendations, so we’re going to have a special “Beloved Books” basket in our classroom library for books we love and think our friends would like to read.  On the first day of school, please bring in a favorite book that you are willing to keep in the classroom library for the whole year. You’ll have a chance to share your book with our class during the first week of school.  Since your classmates will want to read your beloved book, it may become a bit worn by the end of the year.
I am also excited to share my writer’s notebook with you!  Its pages are filled with my thoughts and ideas, while the outside cover is adorned with photographs and mementos.  During the first week of school, you will be decorating your own writer’s notebook.  You may want to start setting aside pictures, artwork, stickers, and other items that represent you.  Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
If you have any further questions or need to contact me you can reach me at villanellaj@glenrocknj.org
See you next week!
Mrs. Villanella
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